Comic Page Layout Machine


(in inches)

Page Width sets the wideness of the whole page:

Page Height sets the tallness of the whole page:

Header sets the size of the header area at the top:

Footer sets the size of the footer area at the bottom:

Margin sets the border space around the entire page:

Gutter sets the gutter space between frames:

Spine sets spine space on the left or right side of the page:

on Left turns on left-side spine

on Right turns on right-side spine

Frames Per Row sets the number of rows and the number of frames in each row; should be a list of numbers separated by commas:

Resolution (DPI) sets the resolution of the image (to the right):

To save a page layout, right-click on the preview image, then click
"Save Image As..."

Some useful numbers:

Live space widththe width taken up by frames (including the gutters in between): "

Live space heightthe height taken up by frames (including the gutters in between, but not the headers or footers: "


Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!
Made by Devon in April 2017
Last updated in August 2018